Decide what services you are going to provide on You could list your services or apparel. You might want to show-case your business and what you offer. Make sure the services and activities is legal and appropriate.

Get the Word Out

Market Your Services. A good, simple way to get the word out about your Marijuana Dispensaries & Cannabis Related Businesses is to cleverly give your clients and guests something to remember you by. Consider giving away items with your name and number on them, such as pens, party favors, balls, toys, and goodie bags. You should also send thank-you cards to your clients and include a discount coupon for their next purchases. Be sure to include one that they can give to a friend most of all allow My Barber and Stylists to help you reach more customers so follow the steps below and register for FREE and start gaining more customers.

1. Register for free

2. Post your services at Post Your Business.

3. Upload your pictures and select categories that best describe your business.

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