Who we are

Our website address is: http://www.mybarberandstylists.com

Disclosure of Personal Information

Except as set forth in this policy or as otherwise disclosed to you, MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM will not sell, rent or disclose your personal information to third parties without notifying you of our intent to share the personal information in advance and giving you an opportunity to prevent your personal information from being shared.

MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM use other companies, agents or contractors to perform services on our behalf. For example, we have partnered with other companies to personalize and optimize our web pages, process credit card transactions, Legal decision, collect debts, analyze and enhance data, including customers’ interaction with our website, and process consumer surveys. In the course of providing such services, these other companies may have access to your personal information. We do not authorize these companies to use your personal information except for the purpose of providing the services we request of them.

From time to time, MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM may partner with companies whose products we believe will interest our user In addition, MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM may offer joint promotions or programs that, in order for participation, will require personal information be shared with third parties awards, if you sign up or otherwise utilize MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM service. In fulfilling these types of promotions, MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM may share your name and other personal information.

MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM also reserves the right to disclose personal information when MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM reasonably believe disclosure is required by law, if we reasonably believe disclosure is necessary to protect, establish or exercise legal rights, or in situations involving potential threats to physical safety. In the event that MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM Â is acquired by or merged with a third party, we reserve the right to transfer to the acquiring third party or the resulting merged entity, as the case may be, the personal information we have collected as part of that transaction provided that such third party continues to honor MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Information MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM

Definition of personal information

means information that can be used to identify and contact you, specifically your name, postal delivery address, e-mail address, payment method (e.g., credit card, debit card, or other payment method accepted on our website) and telephone number, as well as other information when such information is combined with your personal information. When you submit your request form MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM ask you to supply MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM with personal information so that MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM can provide and deliver the information you have requested. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM does not use your e-mail address to send you newsletters or to advertise with MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM affiliates unless authorized by you. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM will keep track of your interactions with us and collect information related to your use of our service, including but not limited to your online activity, title selections and, payment history and correspondence as well as Internet protocol addresses, device types, operating systems, any instant watching of movies, TV shows and related activity. We use this information only to improve our service with you by doing this will quickly and efficiently help us respond to inquiries and requests and otherwise enhancing or administering MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM service offering for our customers. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM also provide analysis of our users in the aggregate to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM may also disclose and otherwise use, on an anonymous basis, movie ratings, consumption habits, commentary, reviews and other non-personal information about customers.

Delivery Policy

MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM reserves all rights to refuse refunds on all requested material. Based that we are a research and development organization solely design to deliver and create information.

We are not responsible for the condition of electronic files that are not created or generated by MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM. However MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM will check for distortion and quality before delivery. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM does not guarantee 100% quality of file or document not created by MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM also reserves all rights to adjust pricing without prior notice.

Changes to This Policy

As we update and expand our services, we may make changes to this policy. You should check back for updates to this policy from time to time. If the changes result in materially less protection for your personal information than that provided in this policy,


Media files shown on MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM are not affiliated with MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM and are not held accountable for any content viewed. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM will scan all files submitted to MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM before posting them but we are not  responsible for any electronic  or software damage that might be obtained from any  virus that may be obtained from  the down load or sharing of these files. For 100% virus detection is impossible.


By submitting your products to this website, you are granting MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM non-exclusive rights to publish them online all submitted product/document or writing will held or deleted to our discretion

We do not pay vendors or give gifts to post their work/product on this site.

We will not publish/aprove every product submitted in order to have your product selected it must be reviewed and must meet our standards.

By submitting products/files you acknowledge that you are the author/owner of the product/document or writing being submitted. Do not submit products/documents or writing belonging to anyone other than yourself if found you will be reported. Any questions concerns about  Copyright infringement please visit http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html#501

Do not submit more than 15 products at a time in a seven day period.

Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot respond to every product submitted. If your product are accepted/approved, you will hear from us within a few days.

By submitting products, you acknowledge and agree to all of the above when agreeing to being a vendor.


MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM  will not be held accountable for any agreement that is made between client and vendor on MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM web site. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM  is not responsible for refunding money/product that was exchange between you the client and the vendor.


By using MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM you are responsible for the content of any Information you put on the website. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM has no obligation to, and does not in the normal course, monitor or control any Information that is or becomes available on MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM has  right to review any Information that is or will becomes available on MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM. MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM has  right to refuse to post or to remove any Information that is on MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM with sole discretion, unacceptable, undesirable or in violation of these rules.

Website Billing

MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM hold all rights to update any to all content within policy without prior notice, it is client responsibility to review policy every billing period.  By purchasing MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM services you agree to the monthly price. As a Vendor being hosted on MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM you the vendor are responsible for all refunds requested by a client/customer. After 30 days of operating on my MYBARBERANDSTYLISTS.COM a refund will not be given. Â http://mybarberandstylists.com/policy/ or by making purchase or payment  you the client accepts all terms and conditions provided with in these policies.


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